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Elgin Water Solutions provides effective, safe solutions for water intake requirements and environmental compliance.

Elgin Water Solutions Intake Screens do not clog and do not kill fish. Elgin Water Solutions uses flow modifiers to balance intake flow and eliminate hot spots of high-velocity flow. The result is an effective screen for intake applications.
Elgin Water Solutions is a leader in developing environmentally safe intake systems. Elgin Water Solutions’ passive screens are used in environmentally sensitive areas and for 316(b) compliance. Elgin Water Solutions designs and builds equipment to monitor and clean the screens:

  • JacquelynTM Coating prevents biofouling.
  • AirBurst Systems clean the screens.
  • IceBreakTM System prevents frazil ice.
  • RAMATM software monitors and controls the system.
Together, these elements allow easy maintenance and monitoring of the intake system.
Elgin Water Solutions intake screens are an ideal solution for new or retrofit intake structures. While other screening technologies require complicated mechanical systems, Elgin Water Solutions intake screens can be completely submerged and positioned in a variety of locations such as offshore or at a bulkhead at the end of existing vertical traveling screen canals. Elgin Water Solutions will work with you to apply these solutions to your project.
Products We Offer:
Coanda Screens
Coanda Screens use tilted wedge wire to provide water to hydro, municipal water, and other facilities. Clean water falls through while fish and debris pass over. A Coanda Screen allows operators to simplify the intake structure.

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Passive Screens
Passive Screens use a combination of physical and hydrodynamic exclusion so that the screens do not clog or kill fish. The screens can include air burst systems to remove any debris, and a suite of other technologies to prevent ice, silting, and biofouling.

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Rotary Drum Screens
Rotary drum screens use fine mesh wedgewire to filter debris and spray bars to clean debris. The screen can be provided in a variety of orientations to support water intake and fish diversion applications.

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Complicated projects require great coordination, and often the technical coordination between the screening, civil work, and gates is a critical intersection for water supply projects. To address this, Elgin Water offers a variety of gates for water control at municipal, industrial, and hydroelectric intake structures.

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Bar Screens
Bar Screens must be durable yet precise. We have the process and trained staff to meet this critical need. The screens are designed to exacting standards, and assembled on our precision built tables to ensure that they meet or exceed tolerances. The screens are handled by our purpose built frame rail, to avoid damage in handling. All welding is performed by certified welders. Bar screens are built of steel, stainless steel, and polyurethane and can be painted to prevent corrosion or treated with Jacquelyn™ Corrosion and Zebra Mussel Resistant Coating.

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Fish Passage (316b)
Elgin Water offers a host of fish passage technologies including Cook Legacy Passive Screens, Gunderboom Aquatic Filter Barriers, and flat panel fish screens made with Norris 90F precision welded wedgewire. Elgin Water provides a complete scope of supply, including design, equipment, controls, piping, and installation. Elgin Water has the design insight, product portfolio, manufacturing ability, and execution strength to solve 316(b) problems.

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FreeFlo™ Floating Intake
Some sites require a simple, easy to deploy screen and pump system. The FreeFlo™ system includes pumps, screens, an AirBurst, and controls for a fast to deploy and simple to operate system.

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Marine Life Exclusion System (MLES™)
The Gunderboom MLES™ reduces the impact of intake structures on aquatic organisms by preventing entrainment and impingement, while protecting the structure from marine life intrusion. The MLES™ also reduces operating and maintenance costs and helps prevent plant shutdowns.

Comprised of a pocket formed by two layers of treated fabric, the patented, full-water-depth MLES™ curtain is either suspended by flotation billets and anchored in place, or integrated into existing shoreline intake structures. Sealed against the sea floor and shoreline structures, the MLES™ completely surrounds the intake structure, preventing targeted planktonic and neustonic organisms from entering the system.

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Jacquelyn™ Coating
Jacquelyn is a permanent metal coating that prevents zebra mussels and other biofouling. Because it does not rely on copper leach it is both safe for the environment and long lasting, with a 15 year service life.

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Jacquelyn™ Coated Pipe
In addition to providing Jacquelyn™ on screening products, and as a retrofit for existing sites, Jacquelyn™ is provided on the inside diameter of piping for raw water intake pipes, stand pipes, and other pipeline systems

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