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Storm Water
Elgin Water Solutions Storm Water Screen
Storm Water

Elgin Water Solutions provides clean, simple, and fast screening and boom products for TSS Removal and coliform bacteria prevention.

Our systems remove TSS and coliform backteria with a combination of physical and hydrodynamic exclusion.
Our systems do not require large civil infrastructure and require no moving parts.
Our systems can be rapidly deployed to areas where stormwater discharge creates a risk. Once installed, the simple systems are easy to maintain.
Products We Offer:
Curb Inlet Coanda Screens
Curb inlet Coanda Screens efficiently remove debris from incoming flow. The screens utilize the coanda effect to improve efficiency, while using gravity and overflowing water to remain clean during storm events.

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Storm Water Basin Coandas
Storm Water Basin Coanda Screens are used to remove TSS from a stormwater pond, before it flows to the next phase of the process.

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Coanda Sieve Boxes
In process systems, a coanda sieve box can separate fine debris from overflowing water. The systems include the coanda screen, a support grid, a collection basin below the screen, and a feedbox that pours water onto the screen.

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Passive Screens
Cook Legacy tee, drum, and hemi screens can be used for filtration at the inlet or transition between sedimentation basins.

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Beach Protection System (BPS™)
The Gunderboom® BPS™ is an aquatic filter barrier system that protects swimming beaches and other shoreline resources from high levels of bacteria and pollutants.

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Particulate Control System (PCS™)
Gunderboom® engineers, manufactures and supports a number of systems that use aquatic filter barrier technology. Designed to prevent waterborne particulate migration, the PCS™ can be applied to many different environmental challenges:

  • Dredging and dredge-spoil disposal
  • Contaminated sediment removal
  • Stormwater control
  • Mining discharge
  • Settling pond discharge
  • Oil spill containment
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Reservoir Protection System (RPS™)
Gunderboom® Reservoir Protection Booms are used to control sediment and pathogens created by stormwater run-off.

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