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The world needs power. Coanda Power is a proven renewable energy solution. Elgin Water Solutions makes small hydro development simple through Coanda Power Systems.

The world needs power. Coanda Power is a proven renewable energy solution. The use of the Coanda Power Screen allows fish to safely swim over the intake. The Coanda Power Screen allows the river to behave naturally. Thus, no habitat is destroyed. Because the systems are modular and easy to install, even construction is low impact.
Coanda Power provides a robust source of power. While utilizing a small physical footprint and low capital and construction costs, Coanda Power installations can provide consistent and high energy output. Because Coanda Power systems have few moving parts and use water as fuel, the operating cost is very low. The payback for a Coanda Power plant is nominally five years.
The technical challenges associated with this green and robust solution have been met. We have provided several systems around the world — where the problems of building and scaling green technology in harsh environments have been identified and solved. We have provided Coanda systems, including those like the Coanda Power Screen at the left, for projects across the globe.
Products We Offer:
Coanda Power Screens
Coanda Power Screens are modular intake structures including screens, accelerators, support frames, and controls. No secondary desilter is required. The modules are simply placed, leveled, and set into a foundation.

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Coanda Powerhouse
The Coanda Power House includes small turbines, generators, and controls designed for ease of installation, control, and maintenance.

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SMART™ Turbine
There is wasted energy within pipelines, often in the form of untapped hydroelectric potential. Elgin Water offers the Small Modular Asynchronous Reaction Turbine (SMART Turbine) to capture this

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Coanda Intakes
Elgin Water provides coanda intake structure equipment to simplify small hydro development. The scope of supply includes design of the structure, equipment, and control scheme.

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Modular Substations
Elgin Water Solutions builds modular distribution and power factor correction equipment to accelerate a project and improve its bottom line.

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Mobile Substations
Elgin Water Solutions has a unique ability to determine a customers electrical needs, engineer the system, price it, and integrate individual components into a functioning system. Our clients have the assurance of one responsible entity from concept to test and on through completion and commissioning at a competitive price.

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Turnkey Substations
Elgin Water Solutions builds and designs turnkey traditional substations across North America. Our experienced project managers have proven track record of delivering on time and on budget. Elgin has the resources and experience to perform both simple and complex projects. Our long-term client relationships have given us the experience to handle both small and larger projects. Elgin Water Solutions has and will partner with consultants and contractors when synergies apply.

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Water-to-Wire Turbines
The intake structure delivers clean water to the powerhouse. Elgin Water offers a suite of turbines and generators suitable for the high head small hydro market.

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