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Industrial Wastewater
Elgin Desander Unit
Industrial Wastewater

Elgin Water Solutions makes industrial water work through reliable, high performance equipment.

As regulatory challenges and harsh environments threaten a plant's bottom line, we believe that the solution for tough wastewater problems resides in a keen understanding of the problem yielding an innovative solution.
Our innovative solutions are built with the right components and features to ensure efficient, low-maintenence operation. Each component, from the inside out, is designed for heavy duty, efficient operation. The systems need to simply work.
Industrial wastewater is tough. Our equipment is tougher. Our designs and components hold up to strenuous standards and harsh environments, because everything from the steel, through the welds, and to the paint is built to last.
Products We Offer:
Coanda Sieve Boxes
Coanda Sieve Boxes are used to eliminate debris larger than fine sand from a waste stream. The systems require low maintenance, using overflowing water and gravity to stay clean. We offer better material, using precision TIG welded wedge wire and a better hydrodynamic design to deliver an efficient and low maintenance system.

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Rotary Drum Screens
Rotary drum screens use fine mesh wedgewire to filter debris and spray bars to clean debris. The screen can be provided in a variety of orientations to support water intake and fish diversion applications.

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Custom Wedgewire
Elgin Water uses Norris Screen TIG Welded wedgewire to build durable, precise screens for a variety of screening applications. This approach meets or exceeds rigorous design tolerances with screen material that is twice as strong as alternative designs.

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Centrifuge Equipment
Elgin Water has designed and manufactures a complete line of decanter centrifuges capable of achieving a hydraulic capacity of 500 gallons per minute. Made from 304 Stainless Steel and using only premium motors, bearings, and electrical components, Elgin’s waste management centrifuges are designed to perform in the most rigorous environments.

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Hydrocyclone Equipment
Elgin Water’s polyurethan molded hydrocyclones are available in a number of configurations, ranging from a 60-2,000 GPM and capable of achieving a solids cut point of 25 microns. Each hydrocyclone is made of high durometer, durable polyurethane and can be fitted with independant valve isolation, dicharge deflection devices, and pressure monitoring systems. For abrasive solids, we can fit our polyurethane hydrocyclones with ceramic liners to maximize equipment life.

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Dissolved Air Flotation
Elgin Water Dissolved Air Flotation units are effective and efficient because they have better design features than competitive DAF systems. Every feature, from the overall geometry to the injection point is engineered for maximum efficiency. The result is a small, efficient, and simple to operate DAF unit.

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Lamella Clarifiers
Elgin Water Lamella Clarifiers are easy to operate clarifier systems for use in waste streams with particles that tend to sink. The systems offer a small footprint, and use an integrated chemical feed and flocculant system.

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Vertical RO Systems
Elgin Water offers an innovative vertical membrane skid for total dissolved solids removal with 35% lower operating cost than typical RO units. The system has a patented flow pattern that allows for reversal of permeate through the membranes which decreases fouling and thus lowers the energy and chemistry cost for operating the system. The automated system also allows for less frequent and simpler manual cleaning, lowering the operating cost.

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